March 29, 2010

Getting Supported

I am a firm believer that everyone needs a support system. I think I have a great one- although most of the time I don't utilize it. It is just my nature to try and be superwoman until I crash and burn and leave the pieces for my husband to pick up. Geez... maybe I need to get a therapist...

However- one of my favorite support systems that we have are our friends the Sullivans. I've talked about them before on here. They have adopted two darling little boys from the Congo. They also have a daughter, Livia, that my Sadie just adores- and a son, Parker, that my Noah thinks is the coolest because Parker has 2 hamsters!

There are so very few adopted Congolese children living in the US, but we have a whole little cluster (and by that I mean 4- soon to be 6) of little Congolese boys that live withing a couple of hours of us. Having these other families who look like ours and who share our passion for all things Congo has made this journey all the "more better" (as Noah would say!)

I have such an amazing adoptive mom support group but unfortunately most of them live inside my computer. So it is great that Stori Sullivan and I have gotten to be such good in-real-life friends. (I find that as you get older it gets a whole lot harder to make in-real-life friends, don't you agree? Or spend time with the ones you do have?) It was awesome to get to spend the day with people who really get what you are going through. We found ourselves saying, "Me too!" more times than I can probably count. And I love that our little boys will all get to grow up together. For our boys to have that bond of being around other native Congolese adoptees will help both of our families preserve their beautiful culture.

So- we spent the day with the Sullivan family just hanging out, taking a hay ride, playing on the playground and cooking out. My kids would all like to move to the Sullivan's because they have "their own forest" and a hot tub. It was a magnificent day of hanging out with friends and getting supported.

All the kiddos getting ready for a hay ride

Livia and Miles enjoying the sunshine

Miles and Ian

Hot tub time!

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