March 03, 2010

I know my hygiene is around here somewhere

Stop. The. World. I just got a shower. And washed my hair and shaved my legs for the first time in I can't tell you how long. New moms- you know what I am talking about. I thought that this time would be different. I thought that since this is the third time around I would have figured this all out by now. But nope- somehow the time to take a full on shower eludes me. Sometimes it is noon and I realize that I haven't brushed my teeth. I think that I have only fixed my hair a handful of times and I know I have only put on makeup once in the last 3 weeks. Night comes and I have good intentions of taking some clippers to my toenails or the tweezers to my eyebrows, but my bed just looks so inviting I don't do any of it. I have only cooked 2 meals since I got home from Africa- which means that now my fat jeans will only button when I have my spanx on. And I haven't been to the grocery in 3 weeks so the contents of my fridge are wilted celery, expired eggs and ketchup.

I still haven't unpacked my last suitcase from my trip. I think I am afraid that there may be cockroaches stowed away in there that decided to come to America. Somehow in my head, I think if I just leave the bag closed, whatever may or may not be in there can't escape. It's not that I am lazy. I am not depressed. I am hyper vigilant about watching for warning signs of post-adoption depression. That is not it. I am happy as a clam. This is just a classic case of wore-the-hell-out! So new moms- fear not! You are not alone. If we could stand the smell of each other we should band together and form a club. A club called the " I know I have a new baby and you want to come to my house- but my hair is too greasy and my sink is full of dirty dishes, but come on in, club!"

Would you like to join?

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