March 11, 2010

Joe Cool and the slug trails

I think this kid is super cool. Seriously- he is like a little mini Bill Cosby. He moves like Bill- he has that same Bill Cosby grin. He draws laughs like a comedian. He is a ham. Miles is really into entertaining people. If you would have told me that same little, sad kid I met almost a month ago would be the ham in our family, I would have thought you were crazy. Just goes to show what a little love and some goldfish crackers can do for a kid.

You see how shiny and glisteny little Mister is? The week we came home his poor skin got so cracked and dry. It was awful. I tried just about every lotion and oil known to man. I was stopping every poor, unsuspecting African American woman in every store I went to polling them on what they put on their skin. One lady turned me on to a shea butter solid that worked really well. The stuff is about the same consistency of Crisco. It really helped his dry skin and smelled pretty good, too. The drawback to this is that you have to put it on at least twice a day for it to keep working well. Miles loves getting rubbed down with lotions and creams- it is really good bonding time for us. But keeping up the routine twice a day was really time consuming. Plus- the kid left a trail like a slug every time he went anywhere with all that glisteny slick cream. He was so oily I felt like I was getting ready to put him in a pan and fry him. So I thought I'd try something else. In my quest against ashiness (is that a word?) I have found the most amazing stuff! Here's our new magic bullet:
It is JR Watkins Natural Green Tea and Aloe shea butter body cream. I loved the shea butter but the consistency of the solid turned me off. This is a really thick cream and is easy to apply and isn't greasy. It leaves his skin super soft without being slick. So no more slug trail! And it only has to be applied once a day! I bought this at Walgreen's. The only scent they sell is the Green Tea and Aloe, but if you buy it off their website you can get the same formula in other scents. It is $9 for about 3 1/2 oz. Not super cheap, but not super expensive either. Now...if only I could figure out a way to get paid for this endorsement!

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