March 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Hubby's birthday was Friday (the big 3-2!) and we celebrated by going on not 1 but 2 dates! On Friday night my mom came over to keep the kids and we went out to dinner. (This was the first time I'd left Miles!) After a fantastically relaxing dinner we decided to do a little shopping. On our big night out together we actually went our separate ways most of the night! We'd go into a store- go look for the things we needed and text each other as to our whereabouts. And it was actually a lot of fun! I guess we've just reached that point in our marriage. Then we reconvened to go out for dessert (the best part!) Anyway- it was just nice to get out and be in the same general vicinity of one another without anyone crying, needing their nose wiped or diaper changed.

Then on Saturday night my sweet sister-in-law, Kennethia, came to love all over the kiddos while I went to go be supportive of my rock star hubby. He's been in a band for nearly forever- so I headed out to the club to watch him rock it out. Now- I am a really un-trendy person, so for me to go out somewhere like that is stressful because I will stare at my closet forever and ever and just wait for something cute and trendy to materialize. Somehow it never does. I told my bestie yesterday that when you get past the age of around 22, the process of trying to get bootylicious probably needs to start around lunchtime, if you intend to go out by 10pm. It also feels a little strange to park my minivan in the parking lot of a bar. Man- I am feeling so old! But Kamron's band played great and it is always so good to see them perform well after all their hard work (even if I do whine to him incessantly about how much time his band takes up!)

So this morning, Miles is punishing me for leaving him. The boy is attached to my leg with a death grip. He is babbling something that I am certain in English is sure to mean, "How could you go off and leave me woman! To ensure that you never do that again I am going to make you hold me 24 hours a day from here on out! Got it!" To which I reply, "Darling- I love you! I am sorry for leaving you. But if mama wants to keep her sanity, mama must go out and act like a fool every now and then." Self-care, loves. Self care!

And to leave you with a smile, here's our latest family portrait. Sadie is really proud of this masterpiece as she says that the ears on the boys are just perfect. (I love that the boys are all dressed alike and that the dog appears to have a bird beak!)

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