April 20, 2010

All I wanna do is...

Did any other gen X'ers just finish that off with zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom? ;-)

My best friend turned 30 yesterday. Incidentally, my birthday is in a couple of days, too. I was at the store looking at 30th birthday cards for my friend and I started thinking about how excited I was about turning 30. This kind of thinking went on all day until I realized that I will, in fact, only be 29. I thought you weren't supposed to forget how old you are until you are in your 80's?

Anyway- so I was a little disappointed. My 20's have been good to me, but in all honesty, I think they can best be described as chaotic. I am looking towards 30 as a great "settling". Hopefully not a settling of gravity taking all my body parts south, but just an overall calming down process in life. I can't wait for my 30's! No celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday in this house. My husband has worked his tail off to build a successful business and in my 30's I think we'd like to just sit back and enjoy it and watch the kids grow up. (Insert tear here)

With another year of age approaching, I've been doing some evaluating. I am pretty sure when I was in high school and I was actually an organized person, I had a list of things I wanted to do as a grown up. Things like travel, and have a nice house and have a great career and a beautiful family. Those are great goals and I've been able to cross a few off. Since I can't ever make up my mind of what I want to be when I grow up, I am pretty sure I can just go ahead and scrap the career goal. My husband on the other hand is that person whose five and ten year plans are saved on our hard drive. As well as a paper copy stored in about every imaginable drawer in our home. And he makes those plans come true. He writes those goals down and he does them, year after year. He married a person who (if she's lucky) *might* take the time to write out a grocery list but then get to the store only to realize that said list is still sitting on the kitchen counter. That's how I roll. And I am quite content to roll that way.

So I've been thinking about how my life goals have changed. There are still a few big things on my "bucket list." I want to write a book and I want to return to the Congo. Aside from those things, I feel like I don't have a darn thing of any substance that I am just dying to do. (I can't tell if I have low ambition or if I have just been so blessed that I am perfectly content. I'm going to chose to believe the latter, since it boosts my self esteem a bit.) My husband takes care of making the big things happen and I LOVE him for that. I am super happy that I married somebody ambitious, even if some days his type A-ness drives me insane. It allows me to focus on the less broadcasted goals. Like someday I would be able to go to the bathroom completely alone without any little toddlers pulling on my legs or handing me wads of toilet paper or trying to grab body parts they shouldn't grab. The same goes for taking a bath. Moms- you know when there are kids at home, you can not under any circumstances lock yourself in the tub while the little ones roam. Which means that when it is time for you to get clean, you are going to have an audience of tiny people. You know- those tiny people who throw all the clean towels and bath toys on top of you while trying to keep your exposure to a minimum and hoping to just get scrubbed quickly before a catastrophe happens? I wonder what kind of different perspective I'd have on life if I could just have 10 uninterrupted minutes in the bathroom every day? I am pretty sure if would be revolutionary.

So to sum it up- in the next year of life, all I really want to do is write a book and pee in peace. I don't think I am asking for too much. Maybe I'll actually be able to cross something off the list this year! Go Me!

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