April 10, 2010

Black + White = Zebra

I am thanking my lucky stars that my children have not yet asked exactly how babies come into the world. I am one of those parents that believes in only divulging age appropriate information. So yesterday, when Sadie starting asking questions about babies, I tried to keep it simple- maybe too simple!

Sadie, age 6, asked me how I would get a baby in my belly to be able to be black like Miles. This is actually the first time that Sadie has even acknowledged that Miles isn't white. It is just a non-issue for our kids. He's just their brother. I tried very matter-of-factly to tell her that I would never be able to have a baby grow in my belly that would looks exactly like Miles does.

I explained that babies are always the same color as the mom and dad that made them- like she is the color she is because her daddy and I are the same color. She totally got that. I thought that was the end of the conversation. A moment later, she piped up, "What do the babies look like when the mommy is white and the daddy is black?" I told her that the baby would be a mixture of both colors.

She could not stop laughing. She was in hysterics. I finally asked her what was so funny. She said, " You mean the baby would look like a zebra?!"

Noah, who really didn't get the humor in her visual, then asked, "What happens when two rainbows make a baby?!"

Maybe we need a family lesson in genetics!

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