April 12, 2010

A Clever Title Eludes Me

Kamron and I went out for dinner this weekend with Miles. We were ambushed by wellwishers who recognized our cutie from the article our hometown newspaper did about him. Every comment was very positive, and lots of nice, harmless questions until...

There was a group of 8 or 10 very dressed up people at the table right next to us. They just kept staring at us and whispering and I just kept ignoring them. Finally, they designated a leader and sent her to get the scoop on our family. She opened her mouth to speak and here is what came out-

"We're Jahovah's Witness and we're not prejudice!"

No "hello". No "how are you." No "your baby is so cute". I really wanted to burst out laughing! I am pretty sure I have never introduced myself as, "I'm United Methodist, and I'm not prejudice" before. It's always the people who are trying to be so PC that come off as so un-PC. I have nothing against Jahovah's Witness, or any other religion for that matter, but her delivery just killed me! It was as if at that moment she had decided that she was going to speak for the entire organization! Has anyone else noticed that usually when you have to add the disclaimer, "I'm not trying to be rude/racist/prejudice BUT... it usually means that whatever follows the but is, infact, rude/racist/prejudice?

I can't even remember how I replied to her because I was just trying so hard not to laugh at her. She said a few other mindless things and then went back to her table who then stared and whispered some more after she took back her juicy gossip. I try so hard sometimes to remember that in our town, we are one of the only families who looks like ours and I try to put my best foot forward and represent with integrity, but... sometimes the bit@! just comes out in me and I can't help it. Odds are, I probably said something a little snippy to her as she shoved her religious flyers in my hand. I'm going to try to do better. Kamron handles weirdos way better than I do!

Today marks the beginning of our adventures in cloth diapering. I ordered all these cute cloth diapers before Miles even came home. But with the parasites, I felt like using cloth just left too much room for cross contamination in the laundry or in the handling, etc. Plus- the sheer volume of diapers involved in parasite ridding is enough to make even the most committed cloth diaperer lose her resolve. So we've plugged up landfills with our non-biodegradable diapers wrapped up in non-biodegradable plastic bags for the last 6 weeks. Starting today, we are *trying* to be a little kinder to mother Earth. Plus- aren't these diapers just cute?

I ordered them from a woman I met at a farmer's market last fall who runs her own company of Earth Friendly Baby Products. They are called Greener Baby. Miles seems to be really comfortable running around in the diapers and they are super absorbant. They aren't paying me to endorse them and they probably don't even remember that I ordered diapers from them months and months ago- but I love that the lady who makes them is just a mom trying to make a difference in the life of her family and the environment one diaper at a time!

We shall see how it goes or if the extra laundry just drives me bonkers!

P.S. Miles' bumble bee hat is one of a set of animals that cool aunts Peggy and Belinda brought over this weekend for the kids. And- there's even enough for mom and dad to get in on the animal action- LUCKY us! Here are the kids hamming it up with Peggy and Belinda. Really- after these gals ran around with the kids for an hour, it really did feel like we were in a zoo! They are super fun!

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