April 23, 2010

Fortunate Friday

I am preparing for my first public talk about Congo and my experience there this weekend. It is hopefully the first of many on the schedule in the coming months. In preparing, I am going through all of my pictures and notes from the trip. I am painfully reminded that there are those in the world who live without. They live without everything you and I consider "essential". And while I am usually the first to fall into a depression about the inequality of it all, today, I can't help but feel so intensely grateful for the blessings that surround me. I am blessed beyond anything I deserve. I'll admit that life is not always easy, but I have everything and everyone I need to get by and then some.

There are not words to sum up the gratitude in my heart other than to say that isn't it amazing that my creator thinks up scenes like this one for my enjoyment. Because if the God of the universe could paint this- how could I doubt that he will put the pieces of my life together exactly as they are supposed to be? He is the master designer. So today, instead of focusing on the pain in the world, I am going to celebrate the beauty. For it is truly something to celebrate.

Photos from our hot air balloon chasing adventure through the countryside last weekend

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