April 15, 2010

Oh How The Years Go By

When you are waiting for your first child to arrive, everyone tells you to slow down and enjoy it, because they grow up so fast. It's true. You get so bogged down in the diapers, the illnesses, the homework, the day-to-day that sometimes you don't notice it. Then all of sudden- BAM!- it hits you like a ton of bricks that somehow you blinked and your tiny little ones are all of a sudden little men and women.

I saw this with Sadie for the first time yesterday. I took my 3 kids plus one of Sadie's friends to the zoo after school. On the way there, Sadie and her friend were sitting in the back of the van singing as loud as they could to Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift while doing hand slap games. I had flashbacks of sitting in the backseat with my friends jamming to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" and giggling and playing those same games. It seems like just yesterday that she was toddling around in the backyard and now she has this whole other life outside of me. She has friends and all these other people involved in her life that I have no control over! When in the world did my little girl all of a sudden get so old? I know she's only 6, but it just seems like it's all going so fast. Yesterday she came home with this picture she drew at school.

I asked her to tell me all about the picture and she told me that it was of her and her best friend, Cole, when they are all grown up and married! They are throwing a fancy, candlelit dinner party for their friends. Sadie is wearing her nicest dress and Cole is wearing a flower in his pocket he picked out of their yard. Oy. I just want to stop time for a while with that girl.

On the flip side, I do find myself wishing that the boys would grow up. Just a tiny little bit. I know they are just being typical brothers, but they are driving me crazy. Miles has some really aggressive orphanage behaviors and that itty bitty boy can just pummel Noah into submission in a matter of seconds. Noah, who doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, tries to come up with more clever ways to settle the score with his brother. Like today... Miles was getting on Noah's nerves. So Noah went into the kitchen and fixed himself an enormous glass of ice water. When Miles was least expecting it, Noah dumped the entire thing on top of Miles' head. I sent Noah to his room for time out while I dried Miles off and sopped up the puddle of water out of the carpet. When it was time for Noah to get out of time out, I asked him why he did that to his brother. His response? "He liked it the last time I did it!" Really? How in the world does some of this stuff get by me?

I will just be so happy when school is out and I have my Sadie back at home all day to help balance out all the testosterone. Or maybe I just need a margarita? Or a vacation? Or a margarita on vacation? Yes. That's the ticket! Who's with me!

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