April 26, 2010

Weekend Mishmash

When you have more than one kid, the likelihood that 2 kids will both be good/sleep well/ and otherwise just not drive you crazy on the same day is rare. So rare that you will think the notion of it went down with the dinosaurs. So imagine my surprise when the stars all aligned and we somehow had 3 kids all have good days at the same time for three whole days. Pure. Bliss. Made me think that we could handle a whole house full. Brought that subject up to Kamron who immediately said, "I have to disagree- for now." Love that boy and all his planning. We did both decide that we are DONE with babies. If any more kiddos come into this house, they will not be babies when they get here.

So we had lots of fun with our freak of nature- all good for three days- kids. (And yes, I know by even typing those words, I have jinxed the possibility that this will continue or ever happen again!) We left the littles with my dad on Friday night and Kamron and I went on a date for my birthday. My dad let the kids get stuff from the ice cream man. I've never let them do this, because I knew that once it happened one time, they would ask all day every day if they could do it again. (Which they have- thanks Dad!) I had to remind myself that grandparents are for letting the kids do all the things that you won't let them do, so I caved. When my dad told the kids they could get ice cream, Noah said, "He doesn't know how to stop at our house. He never does." Busted. Don't judge me. You know you lie to your kids too sometimes.

While they we occupied, we went to the movies. We saw Date Night (Tina Fey and Steve Carell). It was hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen. I laughed so hard my abs hurt when I walked out of the theatre. Several times I had to massage my cheeks because they were cramping from smiling so much. I may have even wet my pants a little. It was that funny. After being together for 10 years, it is just so much fun to go out and laugh that hard together! Laughing together just does something wonderful for a marriage!

Then on our rainy Saturday we stayed in and played wii all day. I got a balance board for the wii for my b-day so we laid low and hula hooped our hips off and Sadie and Noah raced each other on virtual road races all afternoon. It is great exercise for the kids (and grown ups too!). There is not an athletic bone in my Sadie's body. She is super heavy on her feet and she hates to do sports or physical games. But she loves playing on the wii and she gets a great workout in the process. Whoever invented that thing is a genius. We love it. And we love seeing how dumb our kids look when they play it- seriously, it is hours of gut busting hilarity because they are so uncoordinated.

Sunday was church day and my first talk about my Congo trip. I think it went pretty well. I only got choked up once, which is HUGE for me since I am definitely the crier in our house. All in all, it was just great to share my love of my son's beautiful birth country with people I love.

I am hoping that by reveling in the joy of a great and relaxing weekend, I haven't tempted a bad case of the Mondays to smack me in the face. Maybe if I put on a mask, Monday won't find me.

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