April 05, 2010


I am a homebody kind of gal. So the sheer level of our hecticness this past week blows my mind. The good thing, though, is that we've been doing some REALLY cool stuff! (Which makes the breakneck speed all worth it!) So sorry for the delay in blogging, but I've just been busy living it!

My mom had my blog all bound into a book for me! It is one of the coolest gifts I have ever been given- sort of like having your journal published! On the other hand, in the 9 months I've been at this blogging thing, my book was over 200 pages. So from that, I've learned that maybe I talk (or type) a bit too much!

The craziness started on Thursday when my mom and I took the boys to the zoo! They had so much fun. All the baby animals were out in force. Our zoo just had a new little baby gorilla born a few weeks ago and we actually got to see it (and miraculously- I was able to get a great picture of it through the glass without all the slimey kid fingerprints showing up!!)

Then, that evening, I got to go to an advocacy training program for the ONE campaign. They give you opportunities to get in front of your elected officials to urge them to create policies to fight global poverty. I LOVE this organization. They are completely bipartisan and work to help educate people and congressional leaders about poverty, AIDS, malaria, women's rights issues, etc. and what we can do to create change! I can't wait to sit down with my congressman and give my spill about the DRC to someone who actually has the power to create policies to change it!

Miles and I squeezed in a lunch with the Iowa cousins that we haven't seen in years!

And somewhere in the middle of all this, I made my first attempt at Congolese cooking. I made Moambe, which was really good but had WAY to much peanut butter in it. When I make it again, I'll halve the peanut butter and double the tomato. It looked like this:

Sadie and Noah are not adventurous eaters, so I knew this was never going to fly as it was. So I scooped up their food and rolled it all into a tortilla and they gobbled it up! Miles, on the other hand, loved it just as it was...

The next day, Sadie and I had a girl's day out. Since Miles came home, we've been very intentional in making sure that all of the kids still get one on one time with us. Sadie is a shopaholic. She is so into fashion and accessories so she chose to go to the mall and pick out the new spring/summer wardrobe. I know I've said that I never buy my kids things that are new because they just cost too dang much. BUT- I just have to take a minute to brag here. We shopped the power-hours on Saturday morning. We used coupons and bought only the things that were on sale. We bought over $400 worth of clothes for all three kids and only ended up paying $116 for all of it. Cha-Ching! When we checked out, the sales lady said, "You saved over $300!" To which Sadie, my little savvy companion says, "That's great savings mom! Dad's gonna be really proud of us!" (And he was!) And now the kids are set for a loooong time! Here we are posing it up in the middle of the mall.

Then came Easter...

I love Easter. I love the whole sense of the holiday. I love that when I look around church I don't know who 2/3 of the people are because I think- at least for today, they heard about my Jesus. Our school system in on spring break this week, so my Sunday school class full of teenagers was sparse. I only had three adorable teenage boys. And if you know anything about teenage boys, they do NOT discuss. So I threw my whole lesson out the window because I knew that with the audience I had, I wouldn't get anywhere. So I pulled out the Bible and just read to them, out loud. I read them the entire account of the Easter story. I think so many times as Christians, we focus on Easter on the "He is Risen" part and we don't really stop to reflect about all the sacrifice that led up to that beautiful morning. So I sat there and read and read and read...and those boys had the most thoughtful things to say after it and actually asked if we could do the same thing next week with an account from each of the gospels so they could figure out how to piece together the WHOLE Easter story. I was floored. Every now and then, you do actually get through to them. Can I get an amen!!!!

Then there was Easter lunch with the family and the Easter egg hunt with the cousins.

Just in case Easter wasn't awesome enough already, we all loaded into my uncle's truck and drove to the back of the farm to visit the horses. Sadie and Noah love the horses! I do to!

Easter night we had a visit from Aunt Kennethia who brought new bubbles. Miles drank quite a bit of the bubble solution. A few times he opened his mouth and a bubble just popped out!

We were so busy yesterday that Miles couldn't help but crash on GranMary's lap.

And now, after all of the chaos of the last few days, we are ready to celebrate Spring break by doing absolutely nothing but playing and sleeping! Yippee!

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