May 19, 2010

Derailed by Mrs. Smith

About a month ago, I was totally motivated to get my rear in gear and get in shape. But then this happened to me...

And now I am just a little bit obsessed. I swear, these frozen cobblers are the bomb diggity. You see- I made one for myself for my birthday. I sat down with a bowl of steamy yummy cobbler goodness and watched the premier of Glee. Well, then the next Tuesday rolled around and I thought to myself, "Self. Last Tuesday with the cobbler and the Glee... those were good times. We should do that again." So I popped another frozen cobbler in the oven the following week. And the following week. And the following week. And now I think that I am 5 weeks into this terrible Tuesday night habit. One serving of cobbler a week would probably not be that bad, BUT luckily unfortunately no one else in my house will come near this scrumptiousness so that one serving turns into breakfast, lunch and dinner for me every day until it is gone! Grrr... I think I need a blackberry cobbler intervention.

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