May 26, 2010

I Adopted A Werewolf

I have never seen a child who is as affected by the phases of the moon as Miles is. It is like I adopted a werewolf instead of boy. I have never really been the kind of gal who paid a whole lot of attention to the phases of the moon- but one time I wrote a post on how my kids were just going psycho with their behavior and someone told me to check what phase the moon was in. Sure enough, it was a full moon. Every time there is a full moon the kid just gets his pampers in a wad. Well, the full moon is not until tomorrow night, but Miles is preparing for it early. It's pulling on him like a mutha fatha (right, Corey!?) He is being so bad that even Sadie said he was being "a butt". By noon I was on the phone with Kamron telling him about how his youngest was turning into a full fledged thug. When Miles gets bad, he gets really bad. He terrorizes everyone around him. He screams and hits and pushes and bites and just pretty much makes every one of us miserable. Luckily- this doesn't happen that often. But when it does...Oh. My. Lord. Watch out. It may have gotten so bad today that I may have even looked the other way when Noah got so tired of Miles pushing him around that he kicked him like a soccer ball. I'm just sayin', I may have done that.

So here's to hoping that I survive until the moon finishes doing it's thing!

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