May 27, 2010

Slip Slidin' Away

When my mom was a little girl, she wanted a cotton candy machine. For some reason she never did get one. I can remember several times as a kid hearing her say how badly she wanted a cotton candy machine. I couldn't figure out why in the world she didn't just go out and buy one. Well, when I was a kid, I wanted a slip n' slide. Bad. I would have traded my much loved, massive collection of Lego's or my little monkey brother (or both!) if I could have only had a slip n' slide. To me- it was like the Red Rider BB gun in A Christmas Story. But you know how parents are... those things tear up the grass... they waste water... blah, blah, blah. So I never got a slip n' slide. But I never stopped wanting one. So today when I was in Target and I passed the slip n' slides, I thought to myself, "I am an adult. It's my grass I'm tearing up. It's my water I'm wasting. Doggone it! I am going to buy one of these suckers!" So I did! However, now that I am a grown-up, flinging myself face first on the hard ground on a piece of plastic doesn't really seem like a good idea. So I just let the kids play with it. They had a ball and I achieved my life long goal of being the proud owner of a slip n' slide.

We set it up. And soaped it up (because that's what they always do in the movies). Only Miles decided to soap up himself, instead.

Then it was time to play...

One of our favorite things about Miles is the way his lip quivers when he gets chilly. The cold water really got the lip going today. But don't feel too sorry for him- it was almost 90 degrees outside! (There is no essential audio in this short video if you don't feel like pausing the playlist)

When we were finished sliding for the day, the kids realized that we had forced a ton of night crawlers out of their holes with all of our water wasting. So they went on a worm round up.

Sadie and Noah took those worms over to the swingset and I thought that they were burying them in the sandbox. However, I realized (all to late) that they were actually performing worm operations. Those poor worms got hacked to pieces with plastic sandbox shovels and their guts got strewn about the back yard. I have evidently not done an adequate job of teaching respect for all of God's creatures.

But all in all, the slip n' slide was a fantastic purchase. If this is a preview of how wonderful summer is going to be then I can't wait for it to start! Now- if I could just convince Kamron that we need a pool!

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