May 10, 2010

Whatcha Doin'?

Since I had to take a forced break- here's a snippet of what you missed in the Terry household last week.

*Miles got in about 6 billion teeth. Seriously, his whole mouth is full of pearly whites. He cried and screamed and beat his head against the dishwasher so many times I decided to take the kid to the doctor. He had a double ear infection. And secretly I was so doggone happy! Because we can cure ear infections- we can't cure a cranky temperament. He's pretty much back to his happy self now thanks to some good ol' pink bubble gum medicine.

*Noah fell out of the top bunk bed in the night a few days ago. Ironically the fall never woke him up.

*I had to give Sadie a serious lesson about boys last week. One of her best male friends decided he was going to tell everyone that he and Sadie were boyfriend and girlfriend! (I thought I had years until this crap started!) Sadie told this little rascal of a boy that he should have told her that she was his girlfriend before he told everyone else. I speeched her long and hard about how he better ask, not tell, and that she was not allowed to even think about having a boyfriend until she was at least 32.

*Miles and I took our first little road trip together so that we could spend some time with some visiting Congolese friends. It was a fantastic day! Since we were so close, we drove on to Kamron's grandparent's house so they could finally meet Miles for the first time!

* GranMary had a birthday and we got to celebrate with Mexican food (our favorite!) and then a birthday party/mother's day lunch at my Granny's house. Happy Birthday, GranMary! Here we are making her cake (from scratch- because my mom always orders Italian Cream Cake and unfortunately they don't make a mix for that!):

*We've had gorgeous weather here, so we've taken a few trips to the zoo and spent hours and hours playing outside with the neighbors.

*I hired a babysitter! For my sanity I am having her come over to keep the kids one day a week for the summer. I am so looking forward to this! Plus- I know that they get bored with just me all the time, so this will be great for everyone!

*My paypal account finally got turned back on (and they released my eBay money that they have held hostage!) after our little raffle we had to raise money for Haiti and the DRC. Since January, I have been marked as an illegal gambling operation. It took hours on the phone and hours on email trying to clear up with paypal that I am just a mom fundraising from my kitchen. They had me sweating bullets when they told me I was going to have to refund the over $5000 we raised. I kept telling them- "But I already donated that money! It is in Haiti and I am not calling them and telling them that I need it back!" Finally, I told the Paypal people that I was not opposed to hiring a lawyer to clear this up if I needed to and lo and behold, they opened up my account again! I hate Paypal- but I LOVE ebay so it would be hard for me to orchestrate a ban on Paypal. I will definitely hold a grudge against them though.

*And speaking of lawyers...I saw a commercial last week for an attorney named Kevin Crook. Really! Would anyone hire this guy? There is also a financial guy in our town with the last name of Swindler. I think I'd find a new job. Or have my name changed.

*Since I take a million pictures a day of my little nuts, here are a few from last week:

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