May 17, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Hmmm... since no one had any ideas for posts, I suppose I will just write about one of the loves of my life. There are a few moments in this thing we call parenting that will make you swell up with pride and want to shout from the rooftops how proud you are of your child. One of those moments happened this weekend with my Sadie.

For weeks we had been planning on having our benefit yard sale for Congo. After hearing us talk about it for a while, Sadie asked if she could have a lemonade stand at our yard sale. I think there is nothing cuter than a kid with a lemonade stand. But the kicker was that she wanted to take all the money she made at her lemonade stand and donate it to charity. She came up with it all on her own. She planned it out for weeks. She recruited her great-grandmothers to do an insane amount of baking so she could sell baked goods. She convinced me to buy her cups and supplies for her so that she could make more profit. (I was more than happy to oblige!) She worked for hours making signs and making donation containers. And she talked about how awesome it was going to be to send her money to Africa.

When the day of the lemonade stand rolled around, she could hardly contain her excitement. She woke up at the crack of dawn, set up her table just so and got to work. She poured cups of lemonade, peddled cookies and loaves of bread and made a killing! Her sweet friend that lives next door bounded out his door by 8am to come over and help her. As they watched their donation jar fill up, I heard them talking to each other about how they couldn't believe how much money they were making for Africa! Those kids totally got it. I was so proud I thought I would pop. Their enthusiasm for helping and giving back was contagious all day long. My daughter's lemonade stand project raised almost $200 for children in need!

I want my kids to be smart, but being smart is not everything. I want to teach my kids to excel in their activities, but being first is not everything. But being a compassionate person? Showing love for ALL people? Despite what the world says, in this home, THAT means everything.

It seems strange to say this, but there are so many times I find myself trying to emulate Sadie. To be only 6, I'm telling you- that girl has got her stuff together. She has the patience of a saint. She is completely selfless. She shows genuine love and compassion for everyone she encounters. That girl is going to change the world. She was born with such amazing qualities. Now, if I can only find a way to help her preserve them through those dreaded teenage years...

If you haven't checked out Sadie's blog yet, stop on over. She's quite a hoot. (And to those of you all who have left her such sweet comments or signed up to "follow" her- Thank You! It is so important to foster positive self esteem in our girls and your comments have done just that. You can visit her at

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