June 09, 2010

Hello, 2. It's nice to see you.

I took Miles to the doctor today.  As an aside let me just say that I love our doctor so much- I leave his office every single visit in awe of his awesome doctorness.  He's the kind of doctor that calls at night to check on my kids when they are really sick.  If this guy ever retires I am going to be up a creek. 

The verdict is that Miles is between 24 and 27 months old.   So- since a whole year of his life just flew by in a blink, I am just going to share a few things I love about my favorite now 2 year old...

*He is spirited. 
*He has the most amazing smile and he flashes it often.
*He says the word shoe a hundred times a day and it is cute how he enunciates it every single time.
* I love that he is an adventurous eater.  Despite that fact that I am not- he makes me feel like a good cook.
* He is crazy smart.
* For my husband, I love that Miles is athletic as all get out.  The other two are the creative type, and I am glad that Kamron now has a kid who could throw a ball for hours.
* Miles can dance.  Old School.  It is very Sammy Davis, Jr. and super cute.
* Like me, Miles is not an animal lover.  He and I can be non-animal together.  Seriously- kittens scare the crud out of him.  It is nice to have a kid who won't beg me to take in strays!
* He is very mechanical and curious about how things work.
* He is a water baby.
* He is friendly to everyone.  He is the kid that waves at everyone from the grocery cart. 
* His sad puppy dog eyes melt my heart every time I look at him.
* He's just darn cute and we are so lucky he is here.

Mmmm... powdered sugar donuts sure do make a boy happy!

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