June 23, 2010


Hi all.  If we are Facebook friends, then you know that Sadie is in the hospital.  This will be her second night there.  After ruling out appendicitis and pancreatitis, she is being treated for severe dehydration from a terrible vomiting bug.  12 hours on IV fluids didn't touch how dehydrated she was.  Her poor tongue was completely white by the time we got to the ER because she just didn't have any extra water in her body.  So we are going for night number two of IV fluids to see if we can get her back to functional.  She is really homesick and wornout.  On the fun side, we got to take a super cool ambulance ride in the middle of the night!  Yippee! (NOT!)  If she can keep these fluids in, she should be able to come home tomorrow.  Be back when my little girl is all better. She is such a trooper! (And she looks so stinkin' cute in her little hospital gown)  I'll post a pic when we're home and settled.

In the mean time- make your reservations for the 2010 Mom's retreat.  We already have 5 very super cool women joining us!  Hope you can make it!

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