June 04, 2010

Week in Review

It seems like we have had so much going on lately.  In the midst of all the chaos, Sadie had her kindergarten graduation ceremony this week.  She is so very sad about school being over (next week).  She asked if she could keep going to school over the summer to see her teachers- whom she is completely in love with.  It finally dawned on me that she was under the impression that her teachers actually live at school.  We are just thankful for a wonderful first year of school.  Here she is- all ready to be a first grader.  (And mom just shed a tear)

We spent memorial day at Churchill downs.  It was super hot, so we only stayed for a few races- but the kids really loved it.  Here they are cheering on their horses.  Sadie rooted for #6 in every race since it is her favorite number.  Noah rooted for #3 in every race because Sadie told him to.  If you are wondering about Miles' band aid- it is covering up the stitches in his head.  He took a leap off the front porch steps and made a bloody mess of himself.  We rushed him to the immediate care and they sewed his little forehead back together and he was good as new.  Well- kind of.  He was mad as a hornet at me for taking him there, but I am assuming in time he will forgive me.  And just FYI- clear band aids are not invisible if you are black.  It was that or Hello Kitty- so we went with not so invisible.

And of course- there has been a lot of slip n' slide action going on at our house.  That was the best $14 I have spent this year!
And here's what happens when you give a kid some noodles. (Which we mixed with black beans because Miles feels the need to eat some sort of beans mixed with every food he eats.)
Have a fantastic weekend!

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