June 28, 2010

Murphy's Law

A month ago, I needed therapy.  Now, I think I just need to check myself in somewhere!  Noah came home from his boy's weekend with Daddy with a big ol' fat hernia!  Seriously!  A 3 year old with a hernia!  (No we were not making him do hard labor!)  Anyway, the boy has always had an "innie" and lo and behold, on Saturday it turned into an "outie" and was red and swollen.  So this morning I loaded up the kids and we trucked it to the pediatrician's office.  He took one look at Noah's stomach and said that he had a strangulated hernia and we needed to get to the ER right away. 

(I call this the "Oh No, my belly button flipped inside out" face.)

As an aside...last Monday, Miles had a little work done on him "manhood" so that he could go to the bathroom better.  It was just a minor outpatient procedure, but still.  Then we had Sadie in the hospital for 4 days.  And now Noah!  So just in case you are the counting kind of person- yes, that is all three kids admitted into the hospital in 7 days. Oh yeah, and somewhere in the middle of that, we also found out about Miles' tuberculosis. Sadie and Noah sat on the couch tonight and compared IV bruises and that is just not normal!  Kind of makes me feel like I need to cuss.  *MOTHERFART*

So we got Noah to the ER and they got him hooked up to an IV and sent him off to get an ultrasound of his tummy.  Then after waiting an eternity, they finally put him under and took him back to surgery.  It was  a twenty minute procedure that just went perfectly.  They got the hernia repaired and stitched him back up and sent us on home.  Within an hour, the boy was begging for McDonald's, so I think he's going to be okay.  He's just on light activity for 3-4 weeks. (which for a 3 year old, sensory-seeking boy may be a difficult task!)

I am trying to count my blessings that none of the things that my kids have had to be hospitalized for this week were very major.  But oh my Lord!  I would so love a break!  I feel like I am sooooo due for a lucky streak.  Or just a normal streak.  Well, hell.  At this point I'd take any kind of streak other than the one we're on.  However, I have learned over the last week the importance of asking for help.  All of my poor kids have been shuffled around to the ends of the earth, just depending on which one was in the hospital at the time.   And while it has been hard on them, I am so grateful for how many wonderful people we had helping us- whether it was taking care of the kids, or dropping off groceries, or coordinating emails and phone calls, or just calling to encourage us and pray for us.  I am so appreciative of all of it. 

So now- whichever one of you out there is torturing your little voodoo dolls that look like the Terry family- QUIT ALREADY. We can't take anymore! We are tired, doggone it!  So now I'm off to bed to recuperate until the next drama, which hopefully won't happen until sometime in 2068.

 Noah got his IV and didn't shed a tear!  He is so hard core!

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