June 25, 2010

She's Outta There!

Oh my.  After 4 days in the hospital we are finally home.  And exhausted.  Actually beyond exhausted.  Sadie is feeling a teeny tiny bit better, but mostly we just had to leave the hospital because our insurance gave her the boot since she was saturated to the gills with IV fluids and they don't let you just "hang out" in the hospital unless they can connect you to something.  Hopefully we won't end up back in the ER this weekend.  I'll catch you up on all the latest Terry household happenings soon, but right now I am too tired to do anything but put up a few pics of our wild week! 

Okay- I realize it is kind of paparazzi-ish to take a picture of your child getting out of an ambulance, but they made her sit there in the parking lot of the hospital forever so I pulled out my phone to shap a shot since I thought the boys would think it was super cool that their sister got to ride in an ambulance.

Even GranMary couldn't make that girl feel better.  Honestly, the whole week just left us feeling a little like this...

And now I am off to deal with the aftermath that leaving your child who is struggling to attach for 4 straight days creates.  Good times!  Regardless, it is SO good to be home!

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