June 11, 2010

Summer's here!

Summer is in full swing around here...

Sadie got out of school a few days ago and that meant saying yes to a little project she had been wanting to do for her teachers.  She desperately wanted to make cupcakes for her teachers, but being the overachiever that she is, just regular old cupcakes would not do.  Here is what we spent way to much time making...

She was so proud to carry those into school!  And it just made her whole day again when she walked by and saw me posting the pictures.  She always knows I am super proud when I share pictures of what she's been doing!

Her day was not so made, however, when she stepped off the bus from her last day of kindergarten ever.  Sadie has been really sad about school ending, so I wanted to make that moment when she stepped off the bus really fun for her.  So Noah and I each got a can of silly string and we silly stringed her when she got off.  It did not go over well.  In fact- it scared her to death!

No- that is not happiness written all over her face!  That is one tradition that definitely will not stick.  I am so happy to have her home for a couple of months. 

We also went swimming in GranMary's pool

And caught lightning bugs...

Well, the rest of us caught lightning bugs- Noah couldn't get the hang of it so he smashed a few, but we'll try again! 

And in case you are wondering what I am doing for me this summer- I hired a babysitter.  She came over to hang out with the kids a little while yesterday to get to know everyone better and learn their routines.  She will be coming over one blessed day a week to take my place while I take a day a week to decompress.  (I may cry when she goes off to college in the fall.)  In years past, the money has stopped me from doing this, but this year I developed that attitude that I can't afford NOT to take care of myself.  I deserve a break! Cause if mama's happy and functioning the whole machine runs better.  I may have FINALLY just figured out that I am worth a day off! She's also available on some nights- so I see lots more date nights with my darling husband.

Oh, how I love summer!  Don't you find that the days are so much easier when you can just turn the children loose in the backyard?  Thank you Jesus for inflatable pools, bikes, swing sets and your beautiful sunshine!     

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