July 27, 2010

3 year old antics

I think that 3 years old is one of the cutest stages for kids.  I am so enjoying Noah right now at this age.  He is so funny and smart but still so innocent.  Here are just a few of his antics lately:

A couple of weeks ago, Noah was fuming mad at Miles.  Right in front of me he screamed out, "Miles, you are a stupid butt!"  Then he looked at me and said, "I'm so angry I just had to say that to him.  I'll go put myself in timeout."

This is the same child who told me the other day that he did not, in fact, wet the bed and that someone must have snuck in his room while he was sleeping and squirted a juice box on top of him.

This is also the same kid who is having trouble learning how to wipe his own behind.  We keep telling him that he will not be allowed to go to preschool next month if he doesn't learn how to do it.  He keeps trying but he's not very good at it.  I noticed at a pool party when I was getting ready to put his clothes back on him that his underwear were not very, shall we say "clean", and that he was going to have to go commando.  He looked in his underwear and said, " I promise I wiped my bottom.  I think a popsicle just melted in my underwear."  I wanted to bust out laughing, but instead I asked him, "Well, did you put a popsicle in your underwear and let it melt."  Dead serious, he said, "I don't think I did, but I might have.  I don't know.  Are they cold?"  Because, you know- the temperature of your underwear is the only clue that would key you in to the fact that you had put a popsicle in your drawers.

And that brings us to yesterday... I walked in my bedroom to find Noah in a sobbing heap on the floor. I scooped him up and loved on him thinking that he must have gotten hurt.  I kept trying to ask him what had happened to him.  He was so upset that he could barely speak.  He said between sobs, "I just wish that I was a girl!"  He was so genuinely upset about not being a girl that it broke my heart.  I tried to get to the bottom of the situation with him, trying to figure out if he was jealous of his sister, or some other thing.  He said,"  No, I just want to be a girl so I can get a makeover!"  So on this afternoon's agenda... giving Noah a makeover!  This should be fun!

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