July 26, 2010

At some point in time I promise I will find my energy and once again blog something of substance. I keep yelling "Oly, oly oxen free," hoping that some motivation will come out of hiding and smack me in the face, but it hasn't happened yet.   So for now- it's just a family portrait my dad took of all of us on vacation last week.  I am so clever- I totally put a kid in front of my stomach in every single picture we took of me in a bathing suit.  Yay for my brains!  Even though chaos is currently reigning in this house- we can totally pull it together and at least look like one big, happy family for a picture. (Go us!) I think this is the one where Kamron yelled out, "Poopahontas" (like Pocahontas) to make the kids laugh for the picture.  Never underestimate the humorous power of a poop joke.  I don't care how old you are- poop is funny.

P.S.  Anybody out there in blogland going to Blogher in NYC who may like to have a last minute roommate to split a room and hotel costs with? (Yes- I mean me.) Serial killers need not respond. 

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