July 02, 2010

Fun Foto Friday

After a ton of back and forth about what in the world we were going to do about adjusting Miles' birthday, we finally made a decision.  His birth certificate says he is about to turn one year old.  The docs think he is 2- 1/2.  Developmentally and emotionally he is at 18 months.  So we decided that we would split the difference and call him 2.  Miles' (made-up) birth certificate from Congo originally said that his birthday was July 4th.  July 4th was also the date that we signed our first papers to begin the adoption process, so when we saw that date on his papers we took it as a sign. We knew that even though the date was arbitrarily made up by the government, it solidified for us that Miles Dieudonne was meant to be our son.  But somehow in the court process, a typo was made that changed his birthday to July 14th.

So, since we have to adjust his birthday anyway because it is so crazy far off of his actual age, we decided that we would go back to the original July 4th date.  That date just had so much significance for all of us.  So this year, on July 4th, we will celebrate Miles' 2nd birthday. (A proper birthday post will follow)  Just as a weird coincidence, Noah's birthday is on Halloween and Miles' gotcha day is on Valentine's Day.  We kind of have a thing for holidays around here, evidently.

We kicked off Miles' birthday weekend with a trip to his favorite local restaurant for his favorite dinner- rice, refried beans, and sauteed onions.  (I never in a million years would have ever thought of that dish as "kid food" , but it is by far his favorite food in the wide world!)


We kept the Mexican theme going once we got home.  Incidentally this is the first picture I've taken of Miles where he looked at the camera and smiled in more than a month.  Hooray for happy eye contact!  Small steps...

Then it was time for Miles to go to bed.  We went outside with the big kids to enjoy the gorgeous weather and I got some adorable pictures of Sadie and Noah.

As we prepare to celebrate Miles over the coming days, I can't help but feel so blessed for these three.  They are each so unique and special in their own ways.  It is not always easy, but it's a beautiful ride!

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