July 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miles!

Dear Miles,

Happy second birthday, Baby Boy!  I know that you haven't been in our family long, so you may not know that on your birthday every year, you get a letter from Mommy about how special you are and all the things you've done throughout the year.  You've been here with us since February, and in that time, you've learned so much.  When you got here as a 2 year old, you only weighed 12 pounds.  You are chubbing up and now weigh 20 pounds! 

You can run, kick a ball, and throw a wicked fast ball.  You can say lots of words, but right now you'd still rather communicate in grunts.  You can say Mommy, Daddy, Noah, ball, eat, shoes, nose, no, dog, go, Papaw, GranMary and parrot most anything you hear.  You are so very smart!

You love to eat.  There is not a food we've tried to give you that you didn't like.  Some of your favorites are beans (any variety), rolls, donuts, goldfish crackers, watermelon, blackberries, and pasta salad.

You sleep all night in your pack and play.  You still won't get near the crib.  You love hot weather.  Your little lips quiver and your teeth chatter if it is anywhere below 100 degrees outside. I think the Congolese heat spoiled you!  You are a water baby.  You love to swim and play in the pool and in the creek.  You love to watch Daddy cut the grass- it fascinates you!  You are not much for toys, mostly you like to just run around the house like a wild man, spinning in circles and opening cabinet doors.  Every now and then you will push a car around for a while, though.  You won't sit still long enough for a book, but you do love songs- especially ones with hand movements.  And boy- you can flat out dance!

Sweet boy- there is so much about you that still remains a mystery to me.  I know that there is a lot going on in your head.  I wish I could just get in your brain for a day!  Miles, the very fact that we had to make up a birthday for you breaks my heart.  The more that we piece together of your story, the tighter I want to cling to you.  I know that you have experienced so much loss and so much pain in your short life.  Darling, if I had known that you were out there waiting for me, I would have come for you sooner.  But I promise you, we will do whatever we can to help your years from here on out, to be happy ones.  I know that the next year hold so much potential for you.  We are so happy that you are here.  You complete us in ways we never though possible.  You are so very loved by so many.  So happy, happy birthday sweet Miles.  May the next year be full of promise and possibility.

I Love You,

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