July 12, 2010

I Am A Wealth of Knowledge

This post is all about things I've learned recently.

1. I've learned that maybe I don't have as much tact as I once thought.  With this Chase Giving Contest going on, I've nearly lost my mind trying to come up with ways to get people to vote. I've hustled votes at the funeral home, at church, in Target to complete strangers texting on their iPhones.  I even pulled out my phone in the middle of a prayer at Bible School to check the rankings.  Winning $20,000 for kids in Congo is evidently worth my eternal soul.  (And seriously- if you haven't voted, we can't be friends anymore.  Today is the last day to vote- and I'd really like to keep YOU as a friend)

2. If you start your day with a kid covered in poop and poop all over the playpen, you can guarantee it's going to be a crappy day. We may never fully get rid of intestinal parasites in Miles.

3.  Home bikini wax = brutality.  Seriously kids, do NOT try this at home!

4. Children grow up faster than you think.  Last night I heard my 6 year old on the phone with a friend she was trying to invite to Bible School.  Once the girl committed to going, they launched into a discussion of "What are you going to wear?"  Followed by, "I don't know, what are you going to wear?" I thought I had years before she started doing this!  Where did the years go???

5.  95 degree heat makes me lose my motivation to clean my house.  And my children.  I realized yesterday that the only "bathing" they'd done all week was in the pool.  Please, no one call the authorities on me. 

6.  I've learned that you can scrimp on hair products for Caucasian hair.  99 cent Suave will do the trick.  Not so with African American hair products.  You get what you pay for. 

7.  A date night out with the hubby will do wonders for a girl.  We've only been on 2 other dates since Miles has been home.  I didn't realize how that will wear on a couple! 

8.  We also realized when we were out as a twosome how nice it was to not have everyone staring at us all the time.  I know that having a family that looks like ours does invite stares and stupid comments, but I'd forgotten how relaxing it is to just fly under the radar.

9.  I've learned that my one day of babysitting a week is my favorite day of the week.  I look forward to it like no other.  Wonder what that says about me as a mother?  Ah, who cares what that says about me.  I love my day off.

10.  My husband used to actually read this blog.  A few months ago, I learned that he doesn't really anymore.  He does, however, still say that he reads.  (And maybe he does, like once a month or so)  So in order to "learn" more about his reading habits, I am going to post the following picture of him and see how long it takes him to notice that it's up. My guess is somewhere around late August? I've looked everywhere for the picture of him from Halloween two years ago dressed up as the Devo guy from the 1980's 'Whip It' video, but I can't find it.  Plus- my husband has a business to run in this town and they may ride him out on a rail if that picture got out!  If you know us in real life, do NOT fill him in on this little experiment.  Man, I love that boy!

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