July 14, 2010

I'd like to thank the academy

Just in case y'all haven't heard... WE WON THE $20,000 GRANT FOR THE ORPHANS IN DRC!!!!  From the bottom of my heart- thank you to everyone of you who voted, reposted, begged for votes, and advocated on our behalf.  The children in DRC will benefit so much from your hard work.  I truly do have the best blog readers/ Facebook friends a girl could ask for.  As it came down to the wire watching the vote come in, I was chatting it up with my Congo mamas and I swear I felt like we were up for an Academy Award!  We hooped and hollered and typed all kinds of exclamation marks in celebration when midnight rolled around and the votes were tallied!

The winner of the Congolese goodies giveaway for voting and spreading the word (and boy did she ever spread the word!) is MEGANLELA!  Thanks, Megan (no- not me you sillies!) for your tireless effort on behalf of the orphans in DRC.  You rock, girl!

And now that this is all over, I am completely exhausted.  I'm too tired to put together a coherent thought to blog about anything else, even though I have a million ideas rolling around in my head.  See ya' tomorrow after some sleep hopefully!

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