July 29, 2010

New York, Here I Come!!!

I am getting the heck out of here!  Hallelujah!  I need a break in the worst way, so for the last week, I have been trying to decide if I can swing going to the awards gala in NYC for the BlogHer conference.  If you don't know, BlogHer is like the end all be all of the blogging world.  (At least it seems that way!)  So, I have been pricelining and begging and have finally given myself permission to go! 

And because I just don't have enough adventure in my real life (HA!) I am going out on a limb and staying with a complete stranger in Manhattan on Saturday night.  Andrea and her hubby read this blog and they have so graciously invited me to stay in their home!  How cool  is that?  Hopefully they will not hack me up into bits and throw me in the Hudson.  Just kidding!  I think they are going to be just delightful hosts.  But seriously- if you know me in real life- do not tell my Granny Sadie that I am going to be a single gal in NYC staying with strangers I met on the internet. She may just roll over and die with anxiety.

I have never been to New York before.  But this trip is just what I need right now. It has me singing Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" on repeat all day long.  PLUS- I will get to meet the fabulous Christine, who has promised to greet me with an enormous hug.  Life just does not get much better than that.  I may just melt into that hug and be so glad to be around another mother in the flesh who parents kids with trauma and attachment disorders that I may never let go!  Be prepared, Christine! 

After the summer we've had around here, I just can't wait to be on my own in New York City for a few days.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's post about PTSD and how my darling little Miles had to be wrapped up straight jacket style and tranquilized after beating up a nurse and trying to bash his head open on the concrete wall before having an MRI of his eyes yesterday. PTSD is kicking our butts.  Good times.

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