July 08, 2010


Just in case you've forgotten, Our Family Adoptions is up for a $20,000 grant from Chase Giving.  We are currently ranked 245 (out of over 9000 charities).  We only have to crack the top 200 to automatically win the $20,000!  That money will be used to feed, house, medicate and educate orphans in the DRC.  If you haven't voted already- we NEED you to.  Another 250 votes should put us over the edge.  Please let one of those votes be yours.  Click on the Chase button below and vote for OFA! (You have to "like" the application before you can vote.) We are so close, but there are only 4 days left to vote!  So hurry!  Those kids need you to care enough to take 30 seconds to go and vote to give them hope.

To sweeten the deal, if you vote, I'm giving you a chance to win one of these awesome Congolese treasures- picked up in Congo and donated by my friend Carrie.

All the rules and ways to win are on THIS POST.

PLEASE VOTE and help us continue serving children in the DRC.

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