July 16, 2010

They said it best

Every now and then, I read someone else's blog posts and I think, "Man!  That is exactly what I think and feel, only I didn't think of saying it like that!"  That's been the case with one of my favorite blogs lately.  THE LIVESAY'S have had a whole series of adoption guest posts on their blog over the last 10 days or so. (If you remember, the Livesay's are missionaries in Haiti- our Haiti raffle money went to support some of their ministries.) Those guest posts have captured so much of what I want to say.  And since I am so stinkin' busy this week, I am just going to refer you to their posts over there today.  They are all awesome and wonderfully written (by some of my favorite bloggers!) and cover so many different perspectives on adoption.  They are a must read for all adoptive families (and adoptive family supporters!) and families interested in adoption. Happy reading!

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