August 18, 2010

Adoption Corner Questions

I get so many awesome emails from adoptive families and prospective adoptive families.  So many of them ask the same types of questions.  I always assume that if there is someone actually doing the asking, then there must be several other who wish they could ask questions and just don't for some reason or another.  I also know that most of this audience is made up of people interested in adoption.  SO for the next few Fridays, I'll be doing an "Adoption Corner" made up of your burning adoption related questions. I'll also add a linky so any other adoptive parents out there who want to chime in and write their own posts can link up here so we can all team up to be a great source of information!

I've gotten four really great questions/requests this week:
1. What books would I recommend reading to help prepare for your adopted child?
2. How has our adoption affected the siblings and what kinds of things should you be prepared for?
3. A guide to how family/friends can support adoptive families.
4. " I am desperate to adopt and my husband is not on board...HELP"- I swear, I get this one at LEAST a billion times a week!

All of these posts are in the works and I'll put up a new one every Friday.  But since this series will be for YOU, feel free to ask away.  Put your question or topic you'd like to see discussed in the comments section here and I'll work through them one at a time.  No question is too big or too small- and no question is off limits. When we were in process, I was desperate for information like this.  So here's my attempt at paying it forward.  I'm not an expert, but I will answer honestly.  Also- anonymous commenting is on, so feel free to ask your burning adoption questions anonymously if you need to.

Tune in Friday for my first installment of "Adoption Corner"!

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