August 06, 2010

A little bit of heaven!

I am quite certain that I have died and gone to heaven.  I arrived in NYC for BlogHer 2010 yesterday.  I had the most fantastic flight.  I got to sit next to Shamekia Copeland, the world touring blues singer, who was super cool.  She and her mother kept me in stitches the whole flight.  I had a cab driver from Africa- and ya' know- I could talk about Africa til the cows come home.  I arrived at my hotel which was a super priceline steal, set my bags down and laid on the bed hoping for a 20 minute nap before I went out to explore my new city.  Somehow, I knocked out for 3 hours!  And no crazy children poked at me, yelled at me, or told me they needed a snack.  I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in months!  I took a shower- alone and uninterrupted and put on makeup and high heels.  Oh. My. Gosh!  I felt like a grown up woman!  Then I embarked on a few hours of touring the city before I had to check into the conference. 

Walking around New York City in high heels is not the brightest idea I have ever hatched.  After stopping to buy a hot dog from a street vendor, I marched to the drug store and bought a huge box of bandaids to doctor my blistered up feet.  Then I headed to the conference.  I love women- I love hearing their stories.  BUT this conference is just a little weird.  It feels very high school.  All these women seem kind of posey and plastic-ey and it feels really like a popularity contest.  It is, however, all made better by free cocktails.  The highlight of my night was finally getting to meet the fabulous Christine and the lovely Kristen Howerton- both adoptive mamas of children with trauma issues. They so wonderfully let me pal around with them so I didn't look like a socially awkward loser standing all alone.  And it was just so wonderful being in the presence of people who "get it".  Because- wow- my life is just not understood by that many people right now.

I had every intention of waking up bright and early this morning and going to Good Morning America Summer Concert Series.  But I checked out there website and you have to get there at 5 am and wait around until 8 for the concert.  I set my alarm for "oh my god early o'clock" but when it went off, I decided that my bed felt too darn good to move.  And you know what- I didn't feel  one bit guilty about it.  Because I deserve this!

Overall, the last 24 hours have just been pure bliss!  I'm off to go tour central park, times square and all kinds of other wonderful New Yorkness!  Yippee!

P.S.  A pigeon flew right into my head this morning and I was quite sure I had been shot.  Thankfully- the impact did not cause it to poop on me.  Score.

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