August 20, 2010

Spreading the love- giveaway winner

I get so much love and encouragement from you, my dear readers (did that sound very Dear Abby or what!?)  Oh wait- she always said "gentle readers"- never mind.

Yesterday I had my house cleaned using a Merry Maids gift card that darling reader Darcy sent me months ago when I was deep in the trenches.  I read my sweet Miles a book that awesome Ann from Canada sent him for his birthday.  I drank peach tea that the rockin' Corey sent to me. I got an email from the amazing Amber that said she had 50 containers of formula that we could we use for the orphanages in Congo. Hallelujah!  It was a day filled with love from sent from my cyber friends.

To all of you that tune in here to keep reading- you give me so much encouragement (and a deluded sense of purpose!).  All of your comments and emails really do make my day.  So thanks!

And now it's time to share the love.  I LOVE being able to give stuff back to you. (I especially love it when CSN foots the bill for it)  :-)  So without further adieu, the winner of the $40 CSN gift card is...

Vicky H. from the great state of New Jersey

I was really excited when my kiddos picked Vicky's name out of my scratched up stock pot.  She SO deserves a little shopping spree.  She works in the school system with severely special needs kids.  After school she babysits special needs kids.  Before school she babysits special needs kids.  On the weekends, she babysits special needs kids.  Are you sensing a trend here? Thank God for people like her!  If you are the parent of a special needs child you know how hard it is to find someone like this who understands your child.  So it goes without saying that girlfriend needs a little splurge!  Congrats, Vicky- and thanks to everyone who played along with the giveaway.  And thanks to CSN for sponsoring such a great prize! 

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