August 26, 2010

What We've Been Up To

It feels like we've been running at a break-neck pace all summer long and it doesn't seem like we've slowed down too much since school started.   I find that Miles is sooooo much better when we are out and about and have a lot of things going on instead of just being at home together all day.  Here's a little bit of what we've been up to.  Sorry for the crummy quality pics- they are almost all camera phone photos :-(

We went on a long road trip to St. Louis to visit Kamron's mother and grandparents.

The grandparents have a great park right next to their house. 

We had Sadie's best friend Alexis over to play almost every afternoon and they did a lot of carrying Miles around in a basket.

We met up with my dear friend Sandy and let our kids wear themselves out jumping on the bouncers and playing mini golf.  They used to be our next door neighbors and I miss walking across the back yard for gossip like nobody's business. 

We took Miles for more repeat blood work.  We got smart this time and sent him back with a child therapist instead of me going to the procedure room with him.  Worked SO much better!  So Noah and I waited in the waiting room and our time there literally made him climb the walls.

We spent several afternoons killing time at Target in the toy department.  Playing with fun stuff for free totally rocks!  Lucky for me, my children have not yet figured out that they can actually ask to buy stuff here.  Wonder how much longer we can pull that one off.

This pretty, little lady had to have a cavity filled.  Boo.

We went to go visit Papaw Gary after he had surgery.  Thank you Lord that he is recovering well and that none of the crazy kids kicked him in the stitches!

We went to the zoo with my Granny Sadie and our cousin Julia.  We all had a ball!  Aren't Noah and Julia so cute holding hands walking through the zoo?

And somehow over the last two weeks, Miles managed to get even cooler than he already was.

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks.  I am so grateful for all the time we've gotten to spend with our amazing friends and family.  But I am tired and ready to spend a few days just doing nothing!  Come on weekend- you can't get here soon enough!

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