September 21, 2010

90 minutes of mind blowing bliss

Get your mind out of the gutter.  I'm not talking about that.  And seriously- who has the time or energy for 90 minutes of that anyway?  I feel good about myself if I can muster up enough energy to roll around for the length of a TV commercial break. (TMI- I know.)

What I am talking about is the 90 minutes I got to spend today completely and utterly ALONE!  Noah was in preschool this morning and Miles was at his developmental intervention group.  So I had precisely 90 minutes between drop-off and pickup in which to do whatever my heart desired.  First thing I did was crank up music I can't listen to with my kids.  You know- stuff with cuss words that talks about doin' the dirty and other craziness not appropriate for little ears.  I don't know why, but it totally fulfills the rebel in me that needs to get out every blue moon or so.  Then I drank a delicious, foamy, billion calorie coffee drink.  I felt like I was really splurging.  Breakfast for me lately has consisted of whatever Little Debbie snack cakes are in the cabinet.  I don't even like them but I just can't stop.  Especially when it comes to those prepackaged brownies with the colored candy chips on top. If I eat enough preservatives, I'll stay preserved forever, right?  One of these days I am going to grow up- I swear.

Then I strolled around T@rget for a loooong time.  I looked at all the things that I never have time to look at when I have 3 kids screaming at me about going to look at the toys and books and the endless request of "Can we have a pretzel?  Or an ICEE?  Or popcorn? Or...or...or?"  I found some super awesome things!  First of all- I found the coolest things for the laundry.  I loathe dryer sheets with a passion.  They get everywhere, aren't very green and the box of dryer sheets always get buried under the piles of clothes in the laundry room.  Same thing with those dryer balls.  If they get lost in the mound of clothes- there is no hope of finding them.  See what I mean? And this is kind of considered a good day.  I know- I suck.  Oh well.

These are the clean clothes.  You don't even want to see the dirty clothes pile.
Maybe I should stop blogging and start doing some laundry :-( 
 So I found these fabric softener things that are like bars of soap that you stick with a magnet inside the dryer and they last for months!  Problem solved!  I also found these sparkly flip flops! (Ignore the bad pedicure.  I decided this morning that it was more important to shave the inch long spikes off my legs than paint my nails.  Don't judge.)

These babies were clearanced out to $1.87 and I am madly in love with their shininess!  Made my whole day.  Maybe now I will retire my other flip flops- which if you will remember- blew out about 2 weeks ago and I have been hot gluing them together every time I want to wear them.   Again- I suck.  And I am cheap.

Then I tried on clothes and got frustrated.  I have negative amounts of style.  Zero- zip-nada.  No style sense whatsoever. I thought that last weekend's marathon of the Rachael Zoe Project on Bravo may have helped a little but- nope.  I am still clueless. I am in desperate need of a wardrobe intervention.  I'm getting tired of my summer "uniform" and need to come up with a new winter "uniform"  If I see something I like in the store, I need someone to coordinate it for me.  I can't match stuff up at all.  And all the display pictures in the store matched up every top with leggings.  And I am sorry- but all those brownies for breakfast have made my badonk-a-donk way too fat for leggings.  Plus- I know that under those long tunic tops, leggings give everyone camel toe and that just stresses me all the way out. (Wow- I am on a roll with TMI today!)

My last little treasure I found was this:

I am beside myself with this organizational score.  Coordinating 3 kids at two different schools, with five different therapists , and doctor's appointments for a kid with a whole team of specialists for his million different ailments left me feeling like I had no idea where I was supposed to be all the time.  Now I have all the info I need in one cute little place!  Go me!  Plus- at the bottom of that calendar it says "GIRL'S RETREAT".  And OH.MY.WORD!  That makes me so happy!  Our weekend mom's retreat is sooooo close! I am having so much fun getting to know all the awesome ladies as we email back and forth!  (BTW- donations for pampering these women are starting to come in and I am getting so pumped about it!  I know that most of them never do a thing for themselves- so I can't wait to spoil them.  If you want to help me do that- it's not too late.  See this post for the info.)

Oh- and one of the best parts of my time alone this morning... when my highly caloric coffee kicked in and I needed to visit the potty- I did not have wrangle three kids into a small stall.  No one tried to stick their hand in the toilet. Or flush a million times or talk about poop or wee-wees at the top of their lungs.  No one sneaked a peak at my next stall neighbor and my butt was the only one I had to wipe!  Woo Hoo!  AND I get to do it all over again next Tuesday in 6 days, 16 hours and some change... (but who's counting?!)

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