September 03, 2010

Can you help me?

I usually don't make desperate pleas on here, but I would really love your help on something!  As most of you know, our mom's retreat is coming up in 49 days! (Who's counting!)

We have a huge conglomerate of amazing women coming on this trip.  Foster moms, single moms, working moms and moms parenting special needs children/children of trauma/attachment disorder/etc.  They really are doing the hardest job on earth.  I think that they truly deserve some pampering and some VIP treatment.  I am working with some corporations to sponsor some items for goody bags for these real life hero moms. 

Do you have things you'd like to donate? (we'll need 15 of whatever it is)  Are you a cosmetic rep who would like to donate samples/products.  Are you an etsy shop who would love to donate some of your handcrafted goodies?  Do you make something super cool (jewelry, soap, beauty products, stationary, etc) that you'd like include?  Do you own or do you work for a corporation/store who would like to donate products/services/ gift cards?  Did you make a million adoption fundraiser t-shirts and want to blow out 15 of them?

I can guarantee you that these women going on the retreat deserve the pampering and goodies you donate.  But I want to also make it worth your while.  When the retreat is over (October)- I'll do a huge post describing everything in our goody bags and well as links to where everything came from.  This would be a great opportunity to plug your shop/store/business/fundraiser!  Consider it cheap advertising!  I'll also be putting together one extra goody bag to give to a lucky reader who doesn't get to go on the retreat to help you generate some buzz about your business.

Can we help each other out?  If you have things you'd like to donate or have ideas for me- please email me at   Thanks a million!!!

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