September 17, 2010

Game Giveaway

How about we do a little giveaway on this fabulous Friday?  I always think it's fun to break up the regularly scheduled programming!  You know what else is fun?? Family game night! Our kids are still too little for 100% participation, but the big kids are really starting to get into board games.  So today- in the name of family togetherness- I'm giving away...


Mastermind Towers and Mastermind!  I love educational games.  Both of these games are designed to help develop logical thinking and deductive reasoning.  Mastermind is for ages 8+.  My kids are a little young for it but it is really neat.  It is a code breaking game and kind of reminds me of a more intricate Battleship game.  Perfect for older elementary kids- and way better for their brains than mindless video games and TV!

But the game that impressed my socks off was the Mastermind Towers game- designed for little kids (ages 6+).  I am always leery of age requirements because some of my kids lag behind on age appropriate skills.  But this game can be geared up or down for age/developmental appropriateness and special needs.  The premise of the game is to use reasoning skills to guess what order your opponent has put their animal cards in.  The instructions for the game say to use 5 cards.  But we very easily adapted the game for our younger kids by only using 3 cards.  I LOVE games that you can do this to.  (Keeps me from playing a certain color orientated "land of sweets" game a million times a day, too!) 

Both of the games are of very sturdy construction.  Cards are sturdy, heavy cardboard and are really durable.  They could stand up to classroom use- if I were a teacher I would totally have these in my classroom! Super fun and super educational. 

We had a great time playing them with our kids!  Family time without being plugged into something is absolutely priceless.  Here are my boys doing a totally cheesy promotional photo (yes, my husband will be mortified- but he's cute, isn't he?):

I will be giving away one of each of the games.  If you want to enter to win-


1.  Leave a comment on this post with the phrase "family fun" in it for one chance to win.
2.  Leave a comment and become a follower of this blog for two chances to win.  Tell me in your comment if you are follower.
3.  Leave a comment, be a follower and blog, tweet, or facebook about this giveaway for 3 chances to win.  Again- tell me in your comment if you did this.

I will be drawing a winner on Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 7pm EST and will announce the winner shorty after.  I'll use to generate the winner.  Good luck and thanks for playing!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by Pressman Toy. I was given these games by Pressman Toy for free to review and I get to keep the game at the end of my review period, however the opinions of these games are my own honest thoughts. 

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