September 14, 2010


Our little Miles came home from Africa severely malnourished. The day he came home -as a two year old- he only weighed 13 pounds.  Now at 2 1/2 years old, he is holding steady at 20 pounds (the average size of a 12 month old). He is still undetectable on a growth chart, but is trying his best to catch up!

We are now the featured family on the SPOON Foundation's adoption nutrition website!  The SPOON Foundation is an awesome adoption resource helping families navigate the malnutrition waters.  They have amazing information about how malnutrition affects brain development and behavior.  They also have great info about how adoptive families can prepare for the nutritional needs of their child before they come home as well as diet tips and tricks for the adopted child's first year with their new family.  SPOON also develops feeding programs for orphanages (yay for good works!) It is overall, an A+ resource in my book.  Check out their website!  If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see Miles' cute little face and you can read our nutrition story!

What a difference food makes.

Miles- the day I met him

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