September 08, 2010

I caught the fast food bandits

As much as I'd love to write a great, earth moving, important post- I just can't!  I am in allergy hell and can hardly open my red, itchy eyes or move more than a millimeter away from the Kleenex box.  The boys are plagued, too.  It's the price we pay for living in the Ohio Valley- aka, the "allergy capital of America".  Oh well- it was a good excuse for me to drug up the boys with Benadryl and put them down for a looooong nap today while I sat on the couch and clawed my eyes out and wiped my nose a million times. 

So today all you get is a picture.  This was the mugshot that was taken when I apprehended the fast food bandits.

Be back tomorrow with more to say and hopefully not in an antihistamine induced fog!  Later, gaters.

P.S.  Lots of you kept emailing me wondering where the music on my blog went.  I added it back on- but it doesn't automatically start playing.  (Because I get that not everyone has the same taste in music as me!)  You can go to the tab on top labeled "my music" and listen till your heart's content.

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