September 02, 2010

Lazy Blogging

I took four kids (my three plus a spare) to the dentist today.  Miraculously- it went super smooth but was totally taxing.  So forgive me that today I'm just bullet posting!
  • I found three gray hairs this morning.  They were like little curly wires that stood up on end commanding attention. Crap. I don't mind aging at all.  In fact, I am looking forward to most of it.  But the gray hairs- not so much.  Seeing the grays reminded me that it was time to pluck that one renegade black hair that grows out of my chin.  It is so thick it can barely be called a hair.  I think I shall from now on refer to it as the big black pipe cleaner that appears on my chinchilla.  I swear, I can pull it out and it seems like it grows back by the very next morning! Why in the world does that happen?  Weird. 
  • When Noah asked me the other day about where babies come from, I'll admit that I said, "Africa".  So then he asked me how old he was when I went to Africa to get him.  Hmmm... guess I got busted on that one.
  • For my Cincinnati mom's retreat gals:  Only 50 more days!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! 
  • Sadie informed me that she wants us to get her a sister.  And not just any sister.  She insists that this be an older sister who speaks Spanish.  How's that for specific?
  • This afternoon, I blew out my flip flop.  Luckily I did not step on a pop top or cut my heel and have to cruise on back home.
  • My diet pepsi consumption has reached an all time high.  I am pretty sure that I will achieve toxic levels of aspartame in my blood at any minute.
  • I bought everyone in the house new undies (except for the hubster) so that I can now go a loooooong time without doing laundry. 
  • I won an Africa shaped cookie cutter in my bloggy friend Lisa's giveaway!  It came in the mail today which means I will probably be nerdy and make Africa shaped cookies all weekend.  And wash them down with Diet Pepsi.
  • I am thinking about surprising Sadie at school tomorrow for lunch.  The last time I showed up to eat lunch with her, Miles had only been home a week and he puked all down the lunch line.  Good times.
  • Miles called me "my momma" today and I almost cried.  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.
  • Kamron announced today that he wants to give Miles a mohawk, some gumby gold chains and send him out for Halloween as Mister T.  I think I'm going to have to put my foot down on that one.

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