September 30, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about all the things that were totally bugging me.  So- to keep some balance, this post is all about things that I am lovin' right now!

1.  Miles' psychologist.  I love her so much, I could almost make out with her. (Okay- not really because, ya' know- I'm not into kissing girls, but I do so love her a lot.)  She GETS it.  She knows her stuff about RAD and trauma and she sees right through Miles' utter charm and attention seeking behaviors and gets to the issues.  She's practical and she reiterates to Miles about every 30 seconds that mom rocks and we need to love on mom.  Of course she uses all kinds of therapeutic approaches to this- but let it just suffice to say that she makes me feel like a rock star instead of the piece of doodie that our attachment challenged kids can sometimes make us feel like.  She is a HUGE treasure.  So glad we have her on Miles' therapy team.   

2.  Fall wardrobe updates.  I haven't had anything in my wardrobe updated in forever.  Actually, I take that back.  I do get new Spanx every time I feel the elastic start to break down in the old ones.  Because dude- if you haven't already picked up on it- I LOVE me some Spanx.  Okay- so here is my favorite thing that I added to my closet this fall:

I picked up this cardigan at Target and I may just wear it every single day because it matches everything and is the only trendy thing I own.  (How bad is it the the trendiest thing I own is a cardigan. Uggh. )I tried to take a picture of myself wearing it, but I just had this really dorky "I'm standing here smiling waiting for the self timer to go off" kind of look on my face, so I decided to show the model wearing it.  She's probably wearing an extra-small.  I snagged a large because I have boobs and muffin tops and those kinds of things don't fit in an extra small.

3.  Current Favorite Foods:  Kettle Chips (yum)  Candy Corn (double yum)  and my Mamaw's homemade banana bread.  It is the bomb diggity.  If I can wrangle up my Mamaw's permission, I'll ask if I can post her top secret banana bread recipe so that you can make some this weekend.  It just tastes like fall.

4.  Favorite Blog Quote of the Week:  "Nobody loves you better because you used yourself up."  (Taken from this post on the BlogHer page.)

5. Gal Pals:  The ones I have in real life and my "virtual" ones.  Right now I am having the best time ever watching the emails fly back and forth between the 14 women going on our retreat in 3 short weeks.  It is like an instant little community.  So much stinkin' fun!

6.  Current Favorite Blogs
             Money Saving Mom- tips and tricks to score major freebies and deep discounts.  Yesterday I was able to get a free, no strings attached 6 months subscription to the Wall Street Journal because of her tips.  Score!
            Our Little Tongginator-  adoptive mama.  great writer.  And she says y'all (A LOT) so she's a gal after my own heart!)
           Amazima- an amazing 20-something living in Uganda and being the hands and feet of Christ to the people there.  This woman is truly one of the most inspiring people I've ever read about.

7.  Music-  Our 4:30 in the afternoon dance party playlist has consisted of lots of Black Eyed Peas, old school Willie Nelson, and Lady Gaga.  I know that I am way too old to be enamoured with a pop star, but I think that Lady Gaga is just the coolest thing to walk the planet since Britney Spears.  Gaga is coming to a town really close to us in the spring.  Is it really bad that I'd just about give my left lug nut to go? 

8.  TV I can't live without this fall:  Modern Family, GLEE, The Office and the old standby- Grey's Anatomy.  I am also currently hooked on old reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond.  I find that the longer I've been married, the funnier that show gets.  I also throw in an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" every now and then because my husband says I'm grandma-ish like that.

9.  Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Benadryl for the kids at the first sign of a bad  behavior allergy day.  It is like a miracle wrapped up in liquid form and put in a bottle.    

10. Antidepressants! Dude- I feel like myself again. Can I get an Amen!   

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