September 28, 2010

Run For Hope

My friend, Rael, is a runner. Actually- she is a marathoner.  Just thinking about running a marathon makes me break out into a nervous sweat.  If I'm being honest, just thinking about running period does that to me.  Anyway- Rael is about to embark on something amazing!  She is running the Chicago marathon in a few weeks to raise money for an organization that is so near and dear to my heart- Our Family Adoptions (OFA).  OFA is the awesome humanitarian organization that helped us bring our Miles home.  Don't let the name fool you- none of your money goes to complete adoptions.  It goes to aid those left behind in Congo.  OFA supports 7 orphanages in Congo and is the sole support for hundreds of children.

As any adoptive parent knows- you feel a strong pull toward your child's birth country.  But Rael has not adopted from Congo.  She just knows that their are children there suffering who need our help.  And to me- that makes this endeavor that much more special.  She is a runner who said, "Hey- I can run.  But not only can I run, but I can really make a difference by doing it!"  I LOVE that!  Do what you are good at and use it as a vehicle for CHANGE!  Because if I've learned anything over the last 2 years on this journey it is that each of us in our own way can impact change!

Just as an aside, I'd love to pump Rael up for the race. I can't imagine running 26 miles! Please leave her an encouraging comment on this post.  I'll print out all the comments and send them to Rael before the race so that she can feel you pulling for her as she raises lots of money for the 5 million orphans in DRC! I'd love to send her a ton of support- so please- comment away and let her know you are rooting for her!!!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch Rael's video. It is inspiring.  Makes me tear up every time I watch it. If you feel led to give- please do so. Even $5 or $10 makes a difference. Know that all your money will go to an amazing organization who is doing remarkable things for the orphans left behind in DRC. They are literally saving lives every single day.

You can click HERE to donate securely to the RUN FOR HOPE.  Please put RUN FOR HOPE in the notes to seller.  Thank you!

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