September 27, 2010

Screw Your Big TV!

My daughter is having a couple of her best gal pals over to play today since there is no school.  Both of our guests are super sweet little girls.  However- one of them is feeling a little feisty today.  She walked in here and said first thing, "My house is a whole lot bigger than this house.  I have a lot more room to run around and play than you do."  I just kind of looked at her and grinned.  Sadie had no idea we were even being insulted.  Then Sadie wanted to take her friends down to our basement to play school.  Our basement in not finished but our kids usually have a great time playing down there.  Our darling little guest took one look down the basement stairs and exclaimed, "Oh!  It looks really dirty down there.  I better put my shoes on before going down there."  Grrr.  Again, we let it slide.  But the next time something ugly came out of our guest's mouth, Sadie didn't let it go.  The conversation went  a little something like this:

Sadie:  Mom, can you come in here and hook up the DVD player so that we can watch a movie?
Guest (as I am starting the movie):  Our TV is a whole lot bigger than yours.  I mean- our TV is really big.
Sadie:  So what?  Can you blow bubbles with your gum?
Guest: No
Sadie:  Well.  My daddy taught me how to blow big bubbles with my gum and you can't do that.

I LOVED that zinger.  I really wanted to say, "Take that!  Screw your big TV and your big clean house!"  But I kept my mouth shut and quietly was very happy that my little girl stood up for herself.  Because evidently, to a first grader, being able to blow big bubbles is uber important.  It was just enough of an insult to keep our little guest from saying any more mean things.  And now they are all upstairs giggling and playing beautifully together and being as sweet as tea (like only southern gals can be!)

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