September 01, 2010

Sibling Love (And Hate)

It is no surprise that I love to read and write.  My daughter, Sadie, shares those loves as well. For a six year old, she really expresses herself well through writing and drawing.   I get so excited when she sits down at the table and writes things like this:

Translation: Sadie- I went to my Papaw's and got an egg.
This is her account of going to her Papaw Johnny's to gather the eggs that his chickens just started laying.  She brought home two of the eggs and babied them and carried around with her wherever she went.  She even took them around the block to show some of the neighbors.  She was so stinkin' proud of those two eggs until... one of her stinky brothers broke one of her eggs all over the living room floor.  That mishap resulted in this little note to said stinky brother being found:

Translation: You are the meanest boy on Earth! 

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