September 07, 2010

A Sweet Little Story

Once upon a time, there was a darling little boy named Kamron...

...and a sweet, little girl named Megan.

Kamron and Megan grew.  They grew until they were teenagers.  Kamron was gawky and awkward, with pimples, a mullet and a car as long as a boat.

Teenage Megan was a wee bit rebellious and her mom would probably say that she had an attitude...

Miraculously- those two made it through those teenage years and went to college.  One night they met in a bar and fell madly in love.

They were inseparable.  They went on lots of dates...

...tried out some strange hairstyles...

...and had lots and lots of fun!

Megan pestered the bejeezus out of Kamron until he finally asked her to marry him.  Lucky him her!

Then they had a huge, beautiful wedding.

Somewhere along the way, they added three crazy rugrats to make them one great big dysfunctional happy family!

And here they are now- celebrating eight wonderful, wild, and crazy years of marriage today.

Happy Eighth Anniversary, Kamron!  There is no one else I'd rather go through the ups and downs, the trials and the triumphs with than you!  Here's to 50 more years.  I love you!

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