October 04, 2010

Big Kid Love

To say that Miles has been difficult lately would be an understatement.  Beginning all these new therapies and implementing new parenting techniques to help him has thrown the boy into a tailspin.  Sometimes I forget that Miles and I are not the only people that this is hard on.  Being the sibling of a child with special needs can sometimes be brutal.  And Miles has a lot of special needs.  This last week of Miles' craziness has totally piled up on the big sibs.  There were many days around 3pm that I heard Noah say, "Mom, can't you just put Miles to bed and we can just get him up in the morning?"  Oh darling- sometimes I wish I could!!!

Attachment challenged kids take a lot of energy. They need so much reassurance. They need so much attention. It often leaves the whole family feeling like they've been smoked right down to the filter.

By the time Saturday rolled around, we were all spent and needed a break in the worst way.  We texted GranMary and begged on our hands and knees asked nicely if she would take Miles for the day on Sunday so that we could have a day out with the big kids.  She was nice enough to say yes and we immediately began planning for all the big kid fun that we could have.

We love good cheap fun and we love festivals.  So we went to the St. James Court Art Show.  It is one of the biggest art fairs in the US.  Thousands and thousands of artists come from all over to showcase their creativity.  We had a perfect fall day- sunny with just a slight chill in the air.  We walked around arm in arm all through the streets of Old Louisville looking at all kinds of beauty. We talked to lots of artists, ooh'd and awe'd over their creations and had a blissful time not worrying about anything. 

Kamron and I so enjoyed the day out with Sadie and Noah. They are such neat, little people- each with their own big personalities.  They loved the two on two time just as much as we did.  They got so much attention, dictated the whole day, and had their voices heard without all the hubbub of a tiny brother in tow. Batteries are all recharged and hopefully we are all ready to tackle a whole new week!

(After re-reading this, I feel like I just have to say that we love Miles a whole lot.  There- is that more balanced?)

Here is our awesome "big kid date" in pictures:

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