October 19, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

Dude.  I'm worn out!  It's only Tuesday, but I kind of feel like it should already be Friday!  Want a rundown of our last week or two?  Of course you do!

It would look something like this:  make lunches, bathe kids, have speech therapy, have occupational therapy, drop off kids, pick up kids, have an overnight date with the hubby (oo-la-la), comb hair, dress kids, feed people who never seem to be full, change lots of sheets after bed wetting, go on a mini vacay to Mammoth Cave with the fam, have dinner with a friend, have dinner with a wonderful PR woman who is about to "pitch me" to get my career moving, change diapers, go to developmental therapy, go to psychologist for one kid, go to psychologist for another kid, take Miles in for surgery, return billions of emails, visit the pumpkin patch with one of our favorite families, grocery shop, nurse a raging headache, administer countless eardrops, have a lovely breakfast out with my sweetie where we extol the virtues of bacon and sausage, sleep (a little), pray (a lot), visit a new church, fold 6 billion loads of laundry, list stuff on craigslist, puts kids on the bus, get kids off the bus, babysit, gab with my girls,get attacked by dust bunnies in the basement, make millions of flash cards for various therapies, play outside, play inside, build a fort, mop the floors, make tall towers out of blocks, scrub the toilets, read books to children, attempt to read books to self but fall asleep every time, check spelling homework, clean kitchen too many times to count, catch up on blog reading, load and unload dishwasher 400 times, stitch up holes in clothes, hike in the woods, get allergy shots for the whole gang, drink a million diet Pepsi's, go to follow up doctor's appointments, visit the pharmacy, take the kids to trick or treat at the zoo with an old friend, call my mother 3 times a day every day, count my blessings, sell eggs for my dad, meal plan, give up on meal plan and eat out way too much, spend time with my granny, watch kids have a ball with our neighbors over fall break, watch instructional videos about how to start dreadlocks, tailgate with some awesome Congo Mamas, doctor boo-boos, clip 30 fingernails and 30 toenails, change a whole lotta diapers, clean up poo from inappropriate places, learn to sew on a sewing machine by watching youtube, give hugs, give kisses, pay bills, pay more bills, fight with insurance company, sort through school papers, lose my mind, try to find mind but realize it is too far gone...

But you know what?  It's all okay... because our Cincinnati Retreat is in just 3 short days!!!!  Renewal, renewal, renewal!!!!! (Is it Friday, yet???)

Here's the last few weeks worth of adventures:

Clowning around at home with Daddy.

Pumpkin Patch with one of our most favorite families- the Sullivan's!

Date Night!  GO CATS!

My little pumpkin picking a pumpkin.

Decending down into Mammoth Cave for a 2 mile hike.

Sadie, Noah and Miles taking a forced picture break on the way to the cave.
 Lucky for them my camera ran out of batteries a couple of minutes later!

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