October 27, 2010

Pure Randomness

This is my third day at home with no where that I have to go.  No therapy for any of these houligans around here for some reason.  Just me (and the boys) home all morning until Sadie gets off the bus.  This NEVER happens in my house and I am totally loving it.   I have only gotten out of my pajamas once and my hair is well on it's way to being a grease pit.  We've read a lot of books together and played on the floor that is littered with ground in cereal.  Miles has brushed my greasy hair a whole lot because it is great for attachment.  You heard that right- we groom each other like monkeys to build a bond.  Yesterday, we groomed for a loooong time before the grooming tools turned into weapons!  (Happy dance!)

Noah went to school yesterday morning and Miles and I made what we thought was going to be a quick run to Target to get Noah a birthday present.  He turns four this weekend!  We were heading to the checkout and the tornado sirens started going off.  They herded all the shoppers to the back of the store.  Then when the weather got worse, they shoved us all in this tiny fire tunnel for nearly and hour.  At one point, one of the employees came around and asked if there was anything they could get for us.  Person after person said no thank you.  They should have known better than to ask the woman with a two year old with PTSD issues if she needed something!  I piped up, "YES!  I need a diet Pepsi and an apple!"  After looking at me like I was insane, the employee left for a minute and returned with a diet Coke (I'll forgive him the error since he kinda risked his life) and a shiny red apple for Miles.  That apple kept him occupied the entire time we were stuck in that tunnel.  It stuck with him all day, in fact, since two hours later, I realized that he was saving all the skin from the apple in his cheeks.  Gotta love food hoarding issues.  On disaster preparedness, I give Target an A+.  Now- if I'd only been smart enough to ask for a giant bag of candy corn and a latte...

Which brings me to my next thought.  I am getting chubby, I am afraid that my skin may actually rip from being to small.  For two straight months, all I have done is eat.  I'm not eating to mask anything, or cope with anything- I just really like to eat and fall food is my FAVE!  Couple that with surviving purely on chocolate and alcohol carbs for three days on the retreat and my jeans are getting ready to explode- even with a strong series of deep knee bends and ludicrous stretches.  I must reign myself in.  Kamron and I are going to Hawaii together in March (sans kids) and I'd like to actually not stress out about what I look like on the beach.  I find that the older I get, I spend less money on bathing suits and more money investing in good bathing suit cover ups.  Such is life. 

While we are talking about the not so pretty parts of life, we are starting to see some problems with Noah at school.  I always knew that school would be a struggle for him with his sensory issues.  School is a really hard environment for him.  He has a late birthday, so he won't be starting kindergarten until he is almost 6, but for his sake we chose to have him enrolled in preschool for three years so that he had longer to adjust to a learning environment.  He is now in year two of preschool and lots and lots learning problems are beginning to surface.  At almost 4 years old, he can't recognize any of his letters, frequently confuses colors, can't create even simple patterns and can't remember when I pick him up, even what his letter of the day is.  He always looks at his teacher with pure panic as she is quizzing him as he gets into the car because he can't remember even the biggest of the concepts they discussed that day.  I think we are about to get into a whole new world of learning disorder assessments.  The good news is that he absolutely loves school- but when something is that hard for you, I know that it is only a matter of time until it becomes more frustrating than fun.  On the plus side- everyone says that he is the sweetest little boy in class!  And well- I am just southern enough to prefer that my kid be the sweetest instead of the smartest kid in class.

Speaking of being southern.  Many of the girls this weekend, could not believe how "Kentucky" I sounded.  When I spoke to one of them on the phone she said, "Oh wow!  I'm going to have to start reading your blog with a twang!"  So there ya' have it folks.  Get your twang on.  Happy Hump Day.    

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