October 04, 2010

Self Promotion Makes Me Ill

One thing I hate to read on other people's blogs is all about how "popular" they are.  I usually think "who gives a rat's butt?" 

But today I am breaking my own rules. (Eeek!  I just cringed typing it!)  I have always wanted to write a book.  I want to share my love of adoption, Congo, motherhood, and all things crazy.  10 months from now- all of the kids will be in some type of school and that will be the perfect time to get the ball rolling for all that writing!  So now I am doing the preliminary work.  And part of that is working on making myself seem "marketable" to agents and publishing companies who will want to know who in the heck actually cares to hear about what I have to say.

This is where you come in.  If you like it here- you can do a couple of things to help me out.  One- you can click over on the left and sign up to become a follower of this blog.  It won't send you crazy emails or anything.  It's kind of just a show of solidarity.

I've also succombed to the facebook page.  So- if ya' really want to be nice you could click HERE and "like" Millions of Miles on facebook.  If you want to be super nice, you could suggest it to your facebook friends.

Thanks, y'all for helping me take step one in making HUGE dreams come true!

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